If you own a business facility where visitors constantly ask for directions concerning how to get around the building, it may be time to upgrade your wayfinding signage.  Wayfinding signage is designed to direct guests so that they can easily maneuver from one location to another while they are visiting your place of business.  Whether it's directions to the bathroom, a particular office or even back out to the parking lot, it's important that your signage be as clear and direct as possible.  Use this information to learn more about what you can do to improve the signage in your facility.

Consider Going Digital

Switching over to a digital format is a great way for you to improve the quality of the wayfinding signage at your place of business.  It may help to increase visibility so that guests won't have to spend so much time asking for help.

Poor signage truly doesn't benefit anyone.  Visitors may become frustrated as they walk around the building in search of their destination, and it can even put a damper on business performance if these same visitors are late for their appointments and your staff is waiting on them.

Digital signage is bright and eye catching, and offers a contrast from the standard poster or stale bulletin board.  You can use large, interactive televisions that boldly display which floor a visitor happens to be on, while also having a sub-menu on the side which lets them know where to find offices on other floors.  This can help them get around your building more efficiently.

Aim For Consistency

Another tip you can use to improve the signage at your facility is to aim for consistency.  From the moment guests pull up into the parking lot or garage, the wayfinding signage should bear a common theme so that visitors will know where to look for assistance.

For example, if you choose a bold shade of red to indicate that a guest is on the first floor, use that same shade for the number of each floor.  This helps to draw the eye of your guests to the signs in case they get lost.  Also, place the signage in the same place for every level.  If your wayfinding sign is directly outside of the elevator on one floor, it needs to be there on the other floors as well.  This way, if the guest gets off on the wrong floor, they'll know that they can walk over to the same spot to find a wayfinding sign that can help them find their way.

Having the right wayfinding signage is one way to show how much you care about your guests.  Improve your signage so you can help keep your visitors satisfied.