Valves play a critical role in the function and performance of many pieces of equipment found in an industrial setting. In order for these valves to properly regulate the flow of materials, they need to open and close in a reliable manner. Valve actuators are the small parts responsible for ensuring the correct opening and closing of a valve.

Here are three things that you should be looking for as you purchase electric valve actuators for your machinery in the future.

1. The capability for remote adjustment.

If the production machines inside your warehouse operate by themselves, it's likely that you have a single employee monitoring their performance. Keeping a close eye on the function of electric valve actuators is an important aspect of monitoring any industrial machinery.

When you invest in valve actuators that can be adjusted remotely, you give your employees the ability to make adjustments to the performance of a machine's valves without having to shut down production. This helps to conserve resources and keeps your company more profitable.

2. The capability to transmit performance data.

Monitoring the performance of your industrial machines is vital when it comes to ensuring your company is operating at maximum efficiency. As you shop for electric valve actuators for your industrial equipment, you should be looking for units that have the capability to transmit data from the machine to a centralized computer system.

The data provided by an electric valve actuator will help you monitor changes within your machines and address any repairs that need to be made in order to restore efficiency.

3. The capability to run with minimal electrical power.

Reducing your company's dependency on electricity can be a simple way to reduce overhead costs. When it comes to investing in new electric valve actuators, energy efficiency should be a priority. Although the actuator will need access to an electrical current in order to complete its designated task, the electrical needs of an actuator can vary from one model to the next.

Be sure that you are taking the time to compare the energy efficiency of each valve actuator available on the market to determine which one will help your company reduce operating costs in the future.

Taking the time to identify some important features that you should be looking for in an electric valve actuator will help you purchase replacement parts that are designed to meet the unique needs of your company. Work with professionals like ETI Systems to find actuators that will work best.