Vacuums play a significant role in commerce and industry. They are used for suction, drying, and all-around packaging needs. Initially, vacuum space must be created, and this is the major role that vacuum pumps play. Vacuum space professionals must decide what volume of end-pressure must be achieved and what time span is desired. So technicians must also decide on the virtue of what compression is more suitable for a desired application. A number of processes are employed by vacuum pump sources to create the vacuum, but turbomolecular pumps focus on adequate high-vacuum applications that are hydrocarbon-free as well as maintenance-free for your company's needs.

What Are Turbomolecular Pumps?

These pumps are designed as a turbine with blades. As you work with the pump, it transfers non-directed thermal motion to gas molecules, which then changes to a directed motion. At that point, the turbomolecular pump's now-directed motion moves the molecules from the inlet flange area and into the forevacuum port. A colliding molecule process thereafter develops.

Effects of Colliding Molecule Process

A colliding of the molecules ensues as the rotor blades of your turbomolecular pumps, efficiently producing a highly efficient pumping process. Be aware though that the rotor blades must move at very high speeds to achieve your end-pressure goals. So when you're about to purchase turbomolecular pumps, make sure that you buy pumps with rotor speeds that correctly match speed with rotor diameters. You'll need to discuss rotor speed and diameters with an expert who is knowledgeable about these issues.

What Makes Turbomolecular Pumps So Right For You?

Simple installation makes for transition to using this product. It's a compact vacuum that manages to offer you stable connections in a one-piece product. You don't have to fiddle around with other pumps to get your product working. You'll also discover that the cartridge system is designed to work smoothly. If there is a need for repairs in the future, that becomes a simple service replacement of the unit that needs repairs. No assemblage work is involved, which makes servicing a quick and effective endeavor for your benefit and use.

Other Advantages Of Turbomolecular Pumps

  • A high degree of operating reliability
  • Very easy to operate
  • Oil-free pumps generating clean vacuum conditions
  • High performance in all integrated orientations

Remember that Turbomolecular mag pumps are also installed on ion implantation processing lines as well as applications where there is a need for the pumping of corrosive gases. The pumps are also used for your electron beam microscopy application necessities.

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