Not too long ago, the only way to finish industrial products was to paint the objects. However, this paint finish would only last so long and then have to be scraped and re-painted. The busier the manufacturing facility and the more wear on the object, the faster the finish would deteriorate.

Today, such products can be powder coated instead of being painted, a process that keeps the finish looking new for years without it having to be re-finished. However, a long-lasting finish is only one of the many advantages to choosing powder-coated products.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a dry finishing process, where a tinted polymer is blown onto the object and adheres via electrostatic energy. The object is then heated to cure the coating and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Benefits of powder coating

1. Requires much less maintenance. Powder coating lasts much longer than other types of finishes, such as paint. 

2. Offers a smooth, consistent finish. Since powder coating is a dry process, you won't have the drips, sags and imperfections that you can find with a painted finish.

3. Gets to spaces that are difficult to reach with paint. For objects with small, hard to reach spaces, powder coating will adhere to those spaces that a paint brush or paint sprayer can't reach.

4. May be recycled. Excess powder coating can be recycled for future use, unlike unused paint that must be clearfully disposed of. In addition, virtually no powder coating product is wasted in the application process, whereas paint adheres to nearby surfaces, wasting product.

5. Resists chips and scratches. Powder coating is thicker than a typical painted coating. It's also more durable and can withstand impacts and chips and scratches.

6. Bends with the object. Unlike paint, a powder coat finish is flexible and can expand, contract and bend with the object. That helps to reduce cracks and flakes in the finish.

7. Needs little drying time. An object with a powder coat finish is dry and ready to use within minutes of exiting the drying chamber. A painted object can require a day or more to dry completely and be ready for use.

While powder coating isn't necessarily the right choice for every industrial product, this type of finish is long-lasting, provides a consistent finish, resists scratches and chips, and is even recyclable. It certainly bears consideration the next time you need an object re-finished. For more information, contact companies like AFI Powder Coating Inc.