Tiny homes are springing up across the country, and there's no doubt about it, these small residences are quickly becoming a modern example of the 21st century home. When most people think of investing in a tiny home, they envision a prefabricated model they pick outy and have delivered. However, if you are passionate about creating things with your own two hands, you may be looking for ways you can build your own tiny home. Before you start listing potential supplies for the task, you should know that industrial shipping containers make the ideal starting structure for a tiny house. Here's a look at why it is worth checking into getting an industrial shipping container or two when you start your tiny home project. 

Utilizing an industrial shipping container is a "green" thing to do. 

If you consider the normal route of getting materials for building your minuscule home, there is nothing very environmentally friendly about it. You would likely just go out and invest in new lumber, metal, and whatever else you need to build your structure at the building supply store. By using a shipping container instead, you will be saving this material from being scrapped, which is always an earth-friendly way to build anything. 

Industrial shipping containers offer a sturdy structure as your primary foundation. 

Industrial shipping containers are created with rugged steel exteriors so that the contents inside the container will be protected during movement. The containers are already waterproofed, many have wooden subfloors already installed, and finishing out the inside with insulation, paneling, or drywall would be a fairly easy feat. Plus, if you need more space, these containers are most often stackable, which means creating a two-story tiny home would be a possibility. 

Industrial shipping containers are easy to maneuver into place and a fast way to get your project started. 

Normally, building a tiny home would involve months of prior planning and a lot of time just to get the basic framework setup. When you use industrial shipping containers for this project, you simply arrange to have the structure delivered to your property and positioned as you need it to be. Once the structure is set up, you can get started with altering the inside. This one change could potentially shave months off of a tiny home building project, which means you will be ready to live in your tiny home much faster. 

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